In the Fall of 2015, Founder Alex McKenzie, realized there was a large opportunity in the industry of temporary bar services. There were few options that provided anything past an inexperienced bartender in an all black costume serving from foldable tables that were lightly decorated. A fully custom built, mobile, cocktail bar was something that did not exist AT THE TIME in Miami. Reaching for inspiration from a national movement of “Tiny Homes”, Alex set off to build his own mobile bar that would be multi purpose. HAVING HAD NO BUILDING EXPERIENCE BEFORE, ALEX WAS ABLE TO LEARN HOW TO BUILD WITH THE TELEPHONE CALLS FROM HIS FATHER AND LOTS OF YOUTUBE.  Three months after his initial plans, thousands of nails and a bit of ambition, Mac’s Pubs was complete and ready to serve the greater Miami Area.

Joined by many in the community, Macs Pubs was blessed to be able to celebrate its soft opening with friends and family that somehow PLAYED a part in the completion of the build. From start to finish Alex received support from everyone around him. Here is a photo of those peoples signature. They will forever be a part of Mac’s Pubs no matter where it goes.